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"Real Maidol" is a spin-off comics of the Real Maid series. 3 girls, Miyu, Ruri and Moe of Real Maid are the main characters.
This story is action & fantasy human drama of idols carrying out their activities in Akihabara of Tokyo with the figure living like human and the space pirates.

Original Story:Leo Manga:Kenjiro Kakimoto Planning Support:m@Ru☆

Once, Akihabara, used to be called "town of the electrical goods", has changed drastically. It now became the entertainment city which is consist of mania shops, cosplay bars and live music club, etc.
3 girls, Miyu, Ruri and Moe, are dreaming to be idols and start to work at the Maid Cafe which many girls gather to make their dream to be an idol come true.
However, they are too modest to become popular and struggling.
In the meantime, there was a meeting to select girls to make their debut as a idol unit.
What is their destiny going to be?

We are carrying out the "Motion Comic" project at the major Crowd-Funding website called COUNTDOWN.

In this project, we aim to produce "Motion Comic", which characters can move and talk in the comic, as a new tool of the promotion of the manga. We will deliver them by Youtube.

We believe that this challenge will be the first step of e-Manga industry.
Please support our project.


"Real Maid" is a born-digital e-publishing manga (originally digital distributed, NOT paper publishing), story by Leo and art by Kenjiro Kakimoto.
There has been more than 50 titles including spin-off titles. Also, they have been translated in Japanese, English, French, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean, Spanish, etc.
More than 4 million downloading total!
"Real Maid" series have been listed in the Top Books in more than 100 countries.
They have recorded No. 1 in 36 countries of ibookStore!
Also, popularly distributed in GoodlePlay, Kindle Store by amazon, Rakuten's kobo ebook store, etc!

[Original story]
Real Maid (Season1,2)
Real Maid R
Real Maid (Season3/Currently in serial publication)

[Spin-Off episode]
Real Maid ZERO
Real Maid SS (Maidroid VS CyberMonster)
01 Rika
The Avatar Diaries Love or Bust!?
Club Triple X

One day, a humble office worker, Yuichi Sato, saw a weird advertisement and ordered a free sample of "Weekly Real Maid kit".
Hands, legs, an upper half of the body, etc., the components are delivered every week. By putting them together, gradually The Real Maid, Miyu, grows up like a real human. In the meantime, Shingo Maeda has been living a weird life with an extreme sadistic Real Maid, Ruri.
Miyu is a good wife & wise mother type and Ruri is a cold & love-struck type.
The Real Maid is a romantic comedy of the totally different types of the Real Maids.

The derivative unit of the ALLOVER, the idol group originated in Akihabara, is Moekaiwai.

For this project, the collaboration between Moekaiwai and the manga "Real Maidol" come true!

Please keep your eyes on the future collaboration between Moekaiwai and Real Maidol.